Image by Jamie McFayden @ Roxy's Round-Up

Roxy not only hosts her own shows but also hosted various events. From weddings to cabaret shows to corporate sessions, Roxy can cater to all types of shows and has an array of interactive characters who are raring to host! 



 Roxy is an experienced GoGo and has experience GoGoing with pre-recorded and live music.



Roxy is talented and versatile singer with experience singing professionally all over the UK and a little further afield! She has a large repertoire with many styles and is always learning more. From old favorites to songs of her own. Roxy is sure to know a song for everyone!


Walk Round Characters

Roxy has various walk round costumes available to mingle with your audience.


Balloon Swallowing

Roxy is well practiced in the ancient art of balloon swallowing!


Workshops/Hen Parties/Stag nights/ Birthdays

Sing N' Fling, Burlesque,(Various styles) Acting, Scare Acting,. Details available on request


Events Organising

 Details available on request