Image by Jody Lyon @ Hubba Hubba Revue, SF

Image from Jamie McFayden @ The Classic Grand

Here's a list of Roxy's most popular acts. Please email for details on other acts and commissions!

A energetic, fast paced tartan clad striptease.

Performed to Pencil Full of Lead- Paulo Nutini 


The Thorny Showgirl *New for 2018*

A not so classical fan dance inspired by the national flower of Scotland. 


Roxy The Brave

Roxy likes to bring a touch of her homeland to each of her acts! This act however is Scottish through and through. It's fierce and energetic act performed to some ferocious pipe and drum music! It's not just plaid, it's TARTAN!!!!


Roxy Does Glasgow

A one women's "solo" performance dedicated to the golden age of adult entertainment!

Performed to Any Way Iou Want It- Jounry 


Minnie "The Moocher" Mouse

Meet Minnie Mouse like you've never seen her before. A comic modern twist on the Cab Calloway's notorious tale of Minnie The Moocher.

Performed to Minnie the Moocher by The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies


T With Euan

All Darth Stardust wants is a nice quiet night in, some cosy slippers and maybe a a nice cold beer, if only it wasn't for the pesky JEDI ! A comical routine Sci-Fi inspired routines perfect for all occasions!

Performed to The Imperial March/Wouldn't it be lovely-Lena Horne


A Little Bit of Bump n' Grrrind

From her US tour, Roxy brought home a few new tricks and a whole new routine! Taking inspiration from the American burlesque scene this act is a little bit wild!


Drink Champagne and Make it Rain!!!

Boobs, booze and burlesque..... 3 things we all hold close to our hearts! A vintage inspired act brought straight in to the modern world. Audience participation optional, but preferred!




Roxy brings a little bit of vintage glamour to this big band number! She's a sight to behold in red and gold!


An energetic act full of fun, frolics and Christmas cheer!


Trick or Treat

Watch things heat up before your eyes when this little she-devil takes to the stage, would you like a trick of perhaps a little treat!

Performed to Original Prankster but The Offspring


The Brides Bump n' Grind

It''s a hard life being a monster made from other people's parts! A re-telling of the Bride of Frankenstein story! What happens when the tables are turned? A face-pulling, lip syncing, rip-roaring burlesque act!

Performed to Everybody Hurts- REM and Fighter- Christina Aguilera


More acts available on request

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