How to Host A Good Party

So the guests are here, the cakes in the oven and Miss Stardust is here to entertain every one with a delightful fan dance… what could possibly go wrong?. 

Music- If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake

An Apple a Day, Keeps Roxy at Bay!

A Bump N' Grind routine with a modern Twist! This routine supplies the audience with an unforgettable trip to the dentist and leaves them grinning from ear to ear. This can be performer as gorelesque.

Music-Teeth by Lady GaGa

Red Rooster

Watch Roxy  bump her way across the stage and grind all the way back in this comic bump and grind act.

Music: Little Red Rooster by Sam Cooke

Image by Jamie McFayden

T With Euan

All Darth Stardust wants is a nice quiet night in, some cosy slippers and maybe a a nice cold beer, if only it wasn't for the pesky JEDI ! A comical routine Sci-Fi inspired routines perfect for all occasions! 

Song- The Imperial March/Wouldn't it be lovely-Lena Horne


A tribute to one of the most talked about women in history This is a traditional piece which includes the use of Isis wings.

Music- Mary by Patti Griffin
Image by SandraDaisy Photography

Other Acts

These were all commissioned for events they are available on request however I nee to get some of the, out of storage!

I Put a Spell on You- Halloween Water Act
Special- Sing n' Fling
I Hate Myself for Loving You- Christmas themed burlesque
Who Killed Bunny Frou Frou? - Easter routine 
Horrorbeach- Non-strip rockabilly burlesque
Roxy the Brave – Scottish themed striptease 
Belle- Isis Wings routine 
All Shook up- Hen Party routine