"There are so many performers who try so hard to be funny and just aren't. Then one comes along who just is, and it's just so brilliant, so refreshing and that's Roxy Stardust"

Judges at Burlesque Baby

"We were given an early Christmas present in the form of the fabulous singer Roxy Stardust" 
Elizabeth F Yelp Elite Squad member from Hotel Du Vin show

"Roxy Stardust....I’m in love! funny, sexy all while wearing a Darth Vader mask!"
Review of The Trickery on

"If this lady can't make you laugh then no-one can"
Audience member at The Midweek Fling

"Roxy Stardust created the Glasgow Burlesque Festival. This is her fourth year of bringing artists from all over the world to Glasgow to rip off their clothes, swallow swords and climb ropes. She does not discriminate between men and women, colour or genre and it is Roxy’s patter that holds each show together. She sings, she jokes, she chats to an audience who cannot help but get her… and she fills the house every night. She has figured the whole thing out just right!"
Lynn Ruth Miller- Comedian



Phone- 07796366369

Twitter- @RoxyStardust