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So I finally set-up a new blog! 

I have no idea how to link the page yet so I'll just leave this here!

Stay Safe


Staying Positive

posted 8 Dec 2013, 20:35 by Roxy

Hi all, 

I apologise foe not keeping up to date here is my explanation:

I try not to cross that personal/performer/business line however I felt this is necessary because performing is such a big part of my life beyond burlesque 

The past year has been full of ups and downs for myself, I can honestly say that while 2013 was horrific it was also full of amazing things. Due to circumstances that no-one could have predicted I will now have to put off attending AADA for another year, I'm not going to go in to details because I'm still in all honesty having I'm personally still dealing with it. I'm genuinely devastated I won't be moving in January but at least it's taken me a whole load of hard-work to get this far and I sure as fate will not be giving it up any time soon. I'm going to contact everyone who donated soon to let you know the details, however at the moment I'm really not ready to deal with it just yet.

I'll tell you one thing this process has done, has given me a proper "boot up the arse" in the words of Granny Stardust. I didn't think I could ever achieve an "acceptance" to this school let along be standing with the visa application in my hand, especially after this year, and yeah it's disappointing it's all going to take longer than originally planned, but it's going to happen and I'm okay with that, as this year I've achieved much more than I thought I ever could have and have really focused on improving myself as a performer, I've even started singing and even playing guitar again which I gave up doing many a moon ago purely because of self confidence.

So many people have been amazing and I can't thank those people enough, I know I've been hard to deal with at times, I've had alot going on and ya'll really have no idea about some of it, but I'm sitting here at the end of year and can see nothing but positivity on the horizon and really enjoying the direction my life is going, even though it can be mental at times, and surreal ( I shared bath tub with Lily Minogue earlier, pics coming soon)

For those who've not been so amazing and have been rude and nasty kindly please to go and take a run and jump , this whole process has truly opened my eyes, and to be honest if people want to gloat and be nasty then let them, they clearly have nothing better to do with there time. Myself having to wait is not a failure, it's merely an inconvenience, I got in to one of the best Drama schools out there were I've wanted to go my whole life and I'm incredibly proud. That means so much more than some dafty looking to make themselves feeling better by be littleing some one else behind there back... so aye....grow a set and grow up.

On the plus side I'll be headed back to the states for Summer hopefully with a detour to Japan to see Mr Andy Kellock and I'm working on so many projects just now to keep me busy . 

Finally I feel like I'm back to just being me, I didn't realise how much this year had affected me and how much strain I'd put myself under if I'd been smart all I needed to do was look in a mirror and see how tired and horrible I was looking, but tonight for the first time in god knows how long I'm going to go to bed and sleep a little bit better because I'm okay with were things are heading, and I'm okay with this delay, as I said before who wants to be skint in NYC any way, I genuinely can't see any reason to sit about and feel sorry for myself, except for an excuse to buy hunners of cake.

On that I'll leave you with this self indulgent song, which prob contradicts everything I've just said, but it pretty sums up everything I've felt over this who'll year, I'm not even ashamed of how egotistical it seems. I don't really talk about the things I'm really passionate about and despite my rants I'm not really an emotional person however I'm also not happy just settling for Okay, I will get to were I want to be even if it takes me my whole life, I'll do it.

Who wants to take the fast route and miss all the interesting scenery in between eh?

Now I'm going to eat chocolate, eat chocolate and edit picture of me and Miss Lily Minogue in the bath together ;)

Busy Busy Busy

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Sorry for the lack of updates and this ones just a wee quick one to let every one know I'm still alive! 

Between the Fringe and Fundraising I'm super busy!

Heres some images from the past few months!
Monster-A-GoGo Poster,  Fringe Show Poster, Myself at Carlisle

Mama Silverside, myself, MiMi Mangina at Flaming Tease, Stirling
Satine Amore, Louli Blue and myself at the Empire Casino London

Stay Safe!!


Life and it's Intergalatic Balls!

posted 1 Apr 2013, 18:18 by Roxy

Hey all!

What can I say life has been good, life has been grand however with the return of Dr Who, Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.... my life is over!!! I don't watch much TV, however recently I have got caught up in the bug, what else can I do when I'm trapped in my wee flat away from all other civilization!

I have however been performing despite the show and have included some images of the fun and games, mainly with Misty Vi Va Voom may I add!

As the title suggests there shall be two intergalactic balls happen this year (and yes that does make me giggle! One in Dundee and one in Glasgow, have a look at for details!!

So now it's time to repair costume and think about starting a Blogger site!

Untill next time!

Stay Safe and Live Long and Prosper!


To Bordaway and Back

posted 21 Mar 2013, 06:52 by Roxy

Hey all,

It's official! I  have recently been accepted to study Acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Being accepted has allowed me to accomplish one of my dreams I have had since I discovered the academy over 6 years ago and ultimately my dream of becoming an actress. There are no words to describe how privileged I feel to gain a place and will not only get to train with some of the best up and coming performers, I'll also get to tread the same boards as some of the most accomplished actors in history such as Grace Kelly, Dani DeVito and Robert Redford. l will also get to learn in the same place as some of todays newer stars, such as Anne Hathaway and Adrien Brody.


I filled in my application out of a whim and after a wrong audition date, many a tear and a last minute trip to London; here I am still speechless, and still not fully convinced this is real!


What makes this all very real is the cost of the two year course which comes to around $80,000. However to go for one year would be a great privilege and I'm under no illusion the fund-raising will be hard but it'll be worth it.


I have the support of my amazing family (blood and extended) and thanks to my mum I have secured my place with a deposit. I'm now trawling through paper work, searching for car boot sales, looking for places selling my hand-made jewellery and taking on any odd jobs I can find!

I'm currently putting together a few things here and there performance wise so I can raise the funds.

So fingers it'll have everything I need soon. However if your feeling generous just follow this link :P

I might be the next the next Grace Kelly or I might go and come home and decide I never want to be on stage again, however I want to take the chance, find out and not live to regret that time I could have changed my life.


In other news Monster-A-GoGo was on the STV website 


Dead chuffed about these!!!

Stay safe all




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Its been a long time since I could look at a picture of myself were I look totally wild and laugh! This image to me is me in my element! I have the“roxy face” one eye closed and mouth open, my tights are to far up which is something I normally kick myself if it happens, I have a double chin, I’m sweaty and my bloomin bra is caught on my underbust… and thats okay because I * intert the f word here* love burlesque. 

I LOVE it.

I’m so lucky to do what I do, to have the opportunities 
I've had and to have met some people I now call friends and family rather than just fellow performers. I've learned new skills, performed in some of the nicest places possible, and of course some of the worst, and I now r
un a successful event and get recognized in the street as "that darth vader lady" Which is pretty cool by my standards!

... and I am so bloomin proud!

However, I've lost people, not physically however in the sense that we've grown apart, not always intentionally, however many people blame this on burlesque and performance arts. However you don't lose people because they decided to be any sort of performer you loose them through jealousy and back stabbing . To cut a long story short I’ve supported people and I’ve stuck my neck on the line and been stabbed in the back several times… however it was worth it, because I still *insert the same F word again!!!*  love burlesque and I am so lucky I get to get on stage most weekends and teach what I love to other.

Burlesque and performance art doesn't force people to turn into the people they become and it should not be used as an excuse, however there own self perception and greed does.

That and there ( and I apologies for the F word)  “bare faced fuking false hoods” to quote Sarah Kane.

This doesn't mean they work any less hard than the rest of us at all or there bad at what they do, I just wish people would realize we're all in this boat together and we can help each other or drown in our own bitterness.

So love each other kids you never know what could happen tomorrow.


Calander issues!

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So I'm having a few issues sharing my calendar which I'll hopefully figure our by the end of the week!  For now here the quick details of all my booking however there are a few more to add! 

Stay Safer!

Roxy x

Friday, 15 February
 Burlesque Cares DUNDEE
Monday, 18 February
 Burlesque Taster Workshop (please ask for details) DUNDEE
Saturday, 2 March
 Flaming Tease DUNDEE
Sunday, 3 March
 The Trickery ABERDEEN
Sunday, 17 March
 The Happy Ever After Wedding Show GLASGOW
Monday, 18 March
 Caoimhes Gig Part 2 FT The Ciazarn Affair, Monkey Puzzle and RoxyStardust Burlesque. OVER 14'S See more GLASGOW
Sunday, 24 March
 Monster-A-GoGo (Glasgow)
Saturday, 30 March
 Burlesque at Balkeerie BALKEERIE
Saturday, 20 April
 Charity Event FORFAR
Friday, 3 May
 Monster-A-GoGo (DUNDEE) Intergalactic Ball
Sunday, 5 May
 Monster-A-GoGo (Glasgow) Intergalactic Ball

RIP 2012

posted 5 Jan 2013, 15:34 by Roxy

Hey all, Sorry it's been so long  between ill health, moving house, performing and breathing it's been a busy time, however I would like to take this time to thank everyone whose supported me throughout the year and beyond! I plan to do a bigger blog like this however I felt the need to follow  suit with the 2012 and what it did for me updates! (I copied most of this from Facebook so sorry about the links!!!)

So what did I do?

 Well... Monster-A-GoGo has a had a great year as has A-gogo Events-Presents I'm planning to take a short time away from event planning to focus on performing and my studies.

 I finally went back to college to update my events knowledge.

 I rhinstoned my Darth Vader mask over and over again and finally got it to stick not to mentioned updates the whole costume.... and yes I have still to make a cape. I also did not cry once when I heard Disney took over Lucas Arts, I celebrated it discussed the positive side of it and even added a Mickey Mouse to my act so Euan has a pal. I also still cant figure out what way I prefare to spell Ewan.
meet several new friends burlesque wise and socially.

I performed over 100 + gigs ( i just tried to count them and gave up)

I went for a blood test all by myself AND even tried to give blood but was on antibiotics :(

and my no 1 I cant believe I actually done it I performed in New York an Burlesque for EveryBody.

 Theres many more I'll be listing soon however I'm up early in the morning and need to sleep :( !

 It's been tough there been name calling and backstabbing however it's been worth ir. It has taught me the lesson if people judge you on what some one else says then there really not worth it and I personally don't want to work with any one like this. 

So all yee who have stood by each other raise a toast and congratulate yourself on a good New Year and an even better one next year and those who have been nasty and rude about each other have a good one too and spend the year kissing your loved ones and consider this as your new years resolution: " work hard and play fair" Have a good 2013 guys and ghouls and just be happy the Mayans messed up.... or did they.

Peace and love 


Real Life Monsters

posted 9 Sept 2012, 12:20 by Roxy   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 12:20 ]

Hey all, 

After all the positivity on my last post I feel like I'm letting you all down, but  I have some things that I really need to get of my chest. 

So I work away over Summer, I miss out even applying to festivals never mind performing at them, I can't take Summer bookings and I have to close the events I run for a few months and start again, and I've been lucky, VERY lucky. I've had amazing support from my friends, my family, the audience at our nights, fellow performers, bands who've played and this year I even manged to performer in the USA which was amazing! Over Summer I also have the best job in the world... lets face it 3 months paid in the lovely New York!"

However I arrived home to hear a dear friend of mine tell me that apparently I was at an event, which didn't even happen and was never scheduled to happen  may I add, and I was "talking about" a fellow performer and how bad the event was. So I feel I have somethings to clear up-

1. If I don't enjoy an event, the last thing I'm going to to is gossip about it to a stranger in the toilet because there may be others there who are. Events and how there run and even performers and bands are all down to personal taste. Some people don't like Monster-A-GoGo and that's perfectly fine. There is  a reason we ask for feedback at Monsters and I'm sure if I thought something was horribly wrong then the events organizer, being a professional like myself, might appreciate the feedback. Granted I like a good gossip however there a difference between being nasty and cruel just because you don't like some one and proving feedback and constructive crit.

2. There has been an awful lot of bullying talk going on. Granted I've heard things thrown around about myself and I'm not beyond the odd dig at someone here (most of the time I'm jealous) however what I'm like as a person but again ladies and gents this again is purly is someones personal opinion. You cant get along with everyone. However it does not make someone a bad performer or to be honest a bad person. Personalities clash but it's up to us to treat each other with respect and be adults enough to say hey you know what we don't get on but we'r in this togather so let be adults about the situatiopn. As my Granny says "if you dont like them, dont talk to them" and defo don't post on facebook saying "some one is..." , "there's a lot of wannabe..." or "so sick off pretend..." espeacially when everyone knows who it's aimed at, how about just walking up to the person/people it's aimed at and saying "Can I have a word?" if they truly are  wannabes or as I like to say new up and coming aspiring performers they'll prob appreciate the help, however don't make assumptions. I was slated in my 2nd year of performing by someone whose actually a friend now and they were extremely surprised to here my background. If you see a FB post you think may be aimed at you, it never hurts to ask!

3.Stealing Ideas- Well this is a biggy because sometimes it's genuinely by accident and there's no harm in asking someone, however when it's not and you know it's not and you've done everything you can to try and prove that your idea (especially for events) has totally been ripped off, then do what professionals do, beat them in business or on the dance floor. There no point in wasting valuable energy in negativity.

So I need to say all this because a lot of it hurt to come back to. Performing arts is a hard industry and so many people will say it's "not a real job" and it's hard to get opportunities. Granted we wont all get along, but  what we all can do is support our art and say well you know what lets at least for the sake of keeping our creativity alive work together to create a thriving community.

Rant Over, and I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammer ( I've been home 2 weeks and went straight back to work mode so I'm so sleepyyy"!!!) I'll correctly it eventually!!

Peace and Love 

Roxy x

The Monster Mash, Monster-A-GoGo and The Man behind the Ghouls!

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Hello all, 

Got some great news, some better news and some not so great! All is as follows-

The Monster Mash

FINNALLLLY my bad luck with the Monster Mash is clearing and we've set a date, venue and booked almost all our performers, bands and acts! There are no words to descibe the great relief that after a year of dissapointment it's finally happening. So I don't Jinx it I shall keep all the plans wrapped uop untill that final conformation , add this posert and hope to see you all there!

I've also had some good new regards the Monster-A-GoGo we've been offered a regular spot for the 1st Sat of every month in Blackfriars, which is a lovely place in merchant city. We've been offered there basement area which is perfect for Monsters. We're having have our Birthday Bash there and I'll hopefully be announcing the full line up by next Friday (16th sept) so keep your eyes peeled!! 

...and finally I want to let you all know about the man behind the Monsters! Every event we have that involves our two beuutiiful GoGo Ghouls - Jenny and Dolly (pictured below) we try and make our graphic GoGo Ghoul.... who has yet to be named.... fit our event theme. She's come along way and she now now got herself a family, and even some distant realitives of the not-so-zombie kind. So I'd like to introduce you all to Mik McDade of Things I Doodle who is not only a graphic genius he also paints shoes, sells T-shirts, is a master of de-glitterfying a carpet, helps us out on the door  and acts as our "stage Bitch" , a phrase he coined himself instead of kitten! You may have heard us talk of MiMi Mangina thats our Mik. Please take time to look as his work it's truly outstanding. He was also responsible for the Undead Monroe image that feature on our B-Movies and Bombshells Flyers. Below are just some of our ghouls he's created for us!

The Real GoGo Ghouls

Dolly Foxx and Jenny

The extend Family!


Untill Next Time Take Care!! 

Roxy x

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