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Better late than never...

posted 29 May 2012, 13:28 by Roxy   [ updated 29 May 2012, 13:28 ]
So I think it's about time I updated. I did try last week but as I'm sure many have noticed I'm not tech savy and totally failed it it :( So heres hoping this one works!! So what what' happening on planet Stardust well...

1. My Visa got approved! After a month of biting my nails, several emails and phones calls, a trip to London and a couple of tears after the "rejected pending interview letter came" it's official I'll be back of in the states this Summer and I can finally get replying to emails and apologies for the delay.

2. Gig, Gliiter and The Gay Scene. Finally we have a night up and running in Glasgow's Gay Scene! We have teamed up with FHQ/Speakeasy for two nights (Chicago themed and GaGaEsque) and will be hopeing to start a regular night come September! 

3. Monster-A-GoGo goes East! Another gold star for Monster-A-GoGo for our first night in Edin at the City Cafe months of planning and last min problems but what a night we had! Just waiting for the images! I've now decided that Monster-A-GoGo is like wee baby reaching the "terrible twos" no matter how much trouble it causes I love it any way and the nights are only getting better and better! So heres to the team and especially to Dolly Foxx whose been there from the start!

4. Tramp Triumph! My work shop was a huge success and I am now actively working with Tramp to help promote the bulesque community in the UK. I revele to much but watch this space!

5. Top Secret Schedu Schedule l! Again I have so much I want to share with every one however as usual I need to confirm dates, sort venues and get posters sorted! 

6. Scarlett Flames made my face go Scarlett with this wee routine and a goodbye message for Summer!! At the Last Monster-A-GoGo she unravled a a signh saying "Be Careful Roxy!!!" I'm not one to dodge the lime light however I was all teary eyed at this. It truly made my wee heart flutter!!

YouTube Video

So for now that a fast but sort of pretty much got everything out of the way update! When I finally have a laptop and 5 min to spare I'll have more updated but for now please stay safe and enjoy the start of summer!

Roxy x