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Real Life Monsters

posted 9 Sept 2012, 12:20 by Roxy   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 12:20 ]
Hey all, 

After all the positivity on my last post I feel like I'm letting you all down, but  I have some things that I really need to get of my chest. 

So I work away over Summer, I miss out even applying to festivals never mind performing at them, I can't take Summer bookings and I have to close the events I run for a few months and start again, and I've been lucky, VERY lucky. I've had amazing support from my friends, my family, the audience at our nights, fellow performers, bands who've played and this year I even manged to performer in the USA which was amazing! Over Summer I also have the best job in the world... lets face it 3 months paid in the lovely New York!"

However I arrived home to hear a dear friend of mine tell me that apparently I was at an event, which didn't even happen and was never scheduled to happen  may I add, and I was "talking about" a fellow performer and how bad the event was. So I feel I have somethings to clear up-

1. If I don't enjoy an event, the last thing I'm going to to is gossip about it to a stranger in the toilet because there may be others there who are. Events and how there run and even performers and bands are all down to personal taste. Some people don't like Monster-A-GoGo and that's perfectly fine. There is  a reason we ask for feedback at Monsters and I'm sure if I thought something was horribly wrong then the events organizer, being a professional like myself, might appreciate the feedback. Granted I like a good gossip however there a difference between being nasty and cruel just because you don't like some one and proving feedback and constructive crit.

2. There has been an awful lot of bullying talk going on. Granted I've heard things thrown around about myself and I'm not beyond the odd dig at someone here (most of the time I'm jealous) however what I'm like as a person but again ladies and gents this again is purly is someones personal opinion. You cant get along with everyone. However it does not make someone a bad performer or to be honest a bad person. Personalities clash but it's up to us to treat each other with respect and be adults enough to say hey you know what we don't get on but we'r in this togather so let be adults about the situatiopn. As my Granny says "if you dont like them, dont talk to them" and defo don't post on facebook saying "some one is..." , "there's a lot of wannabe..." or "so sick off pretend..." espeacially when everyone knows who it's aimed at, how about just walking up to the person/people it's aimed at and saying "Can I have a word?" if they truly are  wannabes or as I like to say new up and coming aspiring performers they'll prob appreciate the help, however don't make assumptions. I was slated in my 2nd year of performing by someone whose actually a friend now and they were extremely surprised to here my background. If you see a FB post you think may be aimed at you, it never hurts to ask!

3.Stealing Ideas- Well this is a biggy because sometimes it's genuinely by accident and there's no harm in asking someone, however when it's not and you know it's not and you've done everything you can to try and prove that your idea (especially for events) has totally been ripped off, then do what professionals do, beat them in business or on the dance floor. There no point in wasting valuable energy in negativity.

So I need to say all this because a lot of it hurt to come back to. Performing arts is a hard industry and so many people will say it's "not a real job" and it's hard to get opportunities. Granted we wont all get along, but  what we all can do is support our art and say well you know what lets at least for the sake of keeping our creativity alive work together to create a thriving community.

Rant Over, and I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammer ( I've been home 2 weeks and went straight back to work mode so I'm so sleepyyy"!!!) I'll correctly it eventually!!

Peace and Love 

Roxy x