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RIP 2012

posted 5 Jan 2013, 15:34 by Roxy
Hey all, Sorry it's been so long  between ill health, moving house, performing and breathing it's been a busy time, however I would like to take this time to thank everyone whose supported me throughout the year and beyond! I plan to do a bigger blog like this however I felt the need to follow  suit with the 2012 and what it did for me updates! (I copied most of this from Facebook so sorry about the links!!!)

So what did I do?

 Well... Monster-A-GoGo has a had a great year as has A-gogo Events-Presents I'm planning to take a short time away from event planning to focus on performing and my studies.

 I finally went back to college to update my events knowledge.

 I rhinstoned my Darth Vader mask over and over again and finally got it to stick not to mentioned updates the whole costume.... and yes I have still to make a cape. I also did not cry once when I heard Disney took over Lucas Arts, I celebrated it discussed the positive side of it and even added a Mickey Mouse to my act so Euan has a pal. I also still cant figure out what way I prefare to spell Ewan.
meet several new friends burlesque wise and socially.

I performed over 100 + gigs ( i just tried to count them and gave up)

I went for a blood test all by myself AND even tried to give blood but was on antibiotics :(

and my no 1 I cant believe I actually done it I performed in New York an Burlesque for EveryBody.

 Theres many more I'll be listing soon however I'm up early in the morning and need to sleep :( !

 It's been tough there been name calling and backstabbing however it's been worth ir. It has taught me the lesson if people judge you on what some one else says then there really not worth it and I personally don't want to work with any one like this. 

So all yee who have stood by each other raise a toast and congratulate yourself on a good New Year and an even better one next year and those who have been nasty and rude about each other have a good one too and spend the year kissing your loved ones and consider this as your new years resolution: " work hard and play fair" Have a good 2013 guys and ghouls and just be happy the Mayans messed up.... or did they.

Peace and love