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posted 19 Feb 2013, 18:37 by Roxy

Its been a long time since I could look at a picture of myself were I look totally wild and laugh! This image to me is me in my element! I have the“roxy face” one eye closed and mouth open, my tights are to far up which is something I normally kick myself if it happens, I have a double chin, I’m sweaty and my bloomin bra is caught on my underbust… and thats okay because I * intert the f word here* love burlesque. 

I LOVE it.

I’m so lucky to do what I do, to have the opportunities 
I've had and to have met some people I now call friends and family rather than just fellow performers. I've learned new skills, performed in some of the nicest places possible, and of course some of the worst, and I now r
un a successful event and get recognized in the street as "that darth vader lady" Which is pretty cool by my standards!

... and I am so bloomin proud!

However, I've lost people, not physically however in the sense that we've grown apart, not always intentionally, however many people blame this on burlesque and performance arts. However you don't lose people because they decided to be any sort of performer you loose them through jealousy and back stabbing . To cut a long story short I’ve supported people and I’ve stuck my neck on the line and been stabbed in the back several times… however it was worth it, because I still *insert the same F word again!!!*  love burlesque and I am so lucky I get to get on stage most weekends and teach what I love to other.

Burlesque and performance art doesn't force people to turn into the people they become and it should not be used as an excuse, however there own self perception and greed does.

That and there ( and I apologies for the F word)  “bare faced fuking false hoods” to quote Sarah Kane.

This doesn't mean they work any less hard than the rest of us at all or there bad at what they do, I just wish people would realize we're all in this boat together and we can help each other or drown in our own bitterness.

So love each other kids you never know what could happen tomorrow.