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The Monster Mash, Monster-A-GoGo and The Man behind the Ghouls!

posted 9 Sept 2012, 11:45 by Roxy   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 11:45 ]
Hello all, 

Got some great news, some better news and some not so great! All is as follows-

The Monster Mash

FINNALLLLY my bad luck with the Monster Mash is clearing and we've set a date, venue and booked almost all our performers, bands and acts! There are no words to descibe the great relief that after a year of dissapointment it's finally happening. So I don't Jinx it I shall keep all the plans wrapped uop untill that final conformation , add this posert and hope to see you all there!

I've also had some good new regards the Monster-A-GoGo we've been offered a regular spot for the 1st Sat of every month in Blackfriars, which is a lovely place in merchant city. We've been offered there basement area which is perfect for Monsters. We're having have our Birthday Bash there and I'll hopefully be announcing the full line up by next Friday (16th sept) so keep your eyes peeled!! 

...and finally I want to let you all know about the man behind the Monsters! Every event we have that involves our two beuutiiful GoGo Ghouls - Jenny and Dolly (pictured below) we try and make our graphic GoGo Ghoul.... who has yet to be named.... fit our event theme. She's come along way and she now now got herself a family, and even some distant realitives of the not-so-zombie kind. So I'd like to introduce you all to Mik McDade of Things I Doodle who is not only a graphic genius he also paints shoes, sells T-shirts, is a master of de-glitterfying a carpet, helps us out on the door  and acts as our "stage Bitch" , a phrase he coined himself instead of kitten! You may have heard us talk of MiMi Mangina thats our Mik. Please take time to look as his work it's truly outstanding. He was also responsible for the Undead Monroe image that feature on our B-Movies and Bombshells Flyers. Below are just some of our ghouls he's created for us!

The Real GoGo Ghouls

Dolly Foxx and Jenny

The extend Family!


Untill Next Time Take Care!! 

Roxy x