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To Bordaway and Back

posted 21 Mar 2013, 06:52 by Roxy
Hey all,

It's official! I  have recently been accepted to study Acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Being accepted has allowed me to accomplish one of my dreams I have had since I discovered the academy over 6 years ago and ultimately my dream of becoming an actress. There are no words to describe how privileged I feel to gain a place and will not only get to train with some of the best up and coming performers, I'll also get to tread the same boards as some of the most accomplished actors in history such as Grace Kelly, Dani DeVito and Robert Redford. l will also get to learn in the same place as some of todays newer stars, such as Anne Hathaway and Adrien Brody.


I filled in my application out of a whim and after a wrong audition date, many a tear and a last minute trip to London; here I am still speechless, and still not fully convinced this is real!


What makes this all very real is the cost of the two year course which comes to around $80,000. However to go for one year would be a great privilege and I'm under no illusion the fund-raising will be hard but it'll be worth it.


I have the support of my amazing family (blood and extended) and thanks to my mum I have secured my place with a deposit. I'm now trawling through paper work, searching for car boot sales, looking for places selling my hand-made jewellery and taking on any odd jobs I can find!

I'm currently putting together a few things here and there performance wise so I can raise the funds.

So fingers it'll have everything I need soon. However if your feeling generous just follow this link :P

I might be the next the next Grace Kelly or I might go and come home and decide I never want to be on stage again, however I want to take the chance, find out and not live to regret that time I could have changed my life.


In other news Monster-A-GoGo was on the STV website 


Dead chuffed about these!!!

Stay safe all