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posted 3 May 2012, 16:40 by Roxy   [ updated 3 May 2012, 16:40 ]
So after the networking night at Tramp, I put up this post on the Ministry of Burlesque due to my worries about advertising the classes below, due to the amazing responses I received I thought why not advertise?? So here an image and a link to the event and fingers crossed I'll see some of you there. I've also attached a link to my post and the post itself below

Roxy :) x 
"There’s been a lot of interesting talk about classes lately, and I’m sorry to bring it up again! I truly would appreciate any advice people have to offer.

I recently performed at a small networking night at a local business in Glasgow and at this night had several request to do some workshops, and have even went as far as to set a provisional date and time.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked and was something I had looked in to before. However as my background lies in musical theatre and directing I felt that I’d basically be doing my normal drama/movement workshops with the odd glove removal thrown in. I've done some private classes for individual groups and have been nothing but honest about my background and experience when being booked.

However I’ve been performing burlesque now for almost 4 years and I also have a lot of experience from the more “heres a £10, now get them out” side of strip tease. So when asked to do these workshops now I thought to myself why not? I have a good knowledge of stage craft, acting, striptease and as I tutor privately for groups and individuals, I have the skills to structure and deliver a workshop to pretty decent standard.

Now that the date has been set, the response has way better than I imagined from our private invites (the guests from the networking night) and I now find myself in a bit of a pickle as to weather or not advertise to the public and in the burlesque community. Not because I feel I lack the skills to run a workshop and the communication skills required to pass on the knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years, but because I am truly appalled at the negative feedback some other performers have received from the mere suggestion of the idea most of which comes from other performers passive aggression, bulling and rude remarks via facebook, when they have never attended the workshops, seen them perform lately or considered there background.

I truly believe that not every good performers is a great teacher, however I also believe that not every bad teacher is a bad performer. I also believe that each burlesque performer, dancer, actors, musician and any one involved in creative arts are extremely creative and unique individuals, will each class in the same art not be different and unique also? Of course this is providing that they can communicate to a group well and of course make them feel welcomed.

I don’t claim to be the best performer around, however I don’t claim to be the worst, however I do claim to be a creative and unique performer who has something to share, and I genuinely don't think anyone should be slagged and bullied for trying to share something the truly love they should only be constructively criticized, how else can we improve?

So I guess what I'm really asking is should I be so worried about being ostracised from the burlesque community and has any one else ever felt this way? I'd also appreciate any advice on dealing with any backlash I receive if I decided to go public with this one and any advice on making that first step into the public arena.

Sorry for the short novel and than-you in advance for any response I receive!