Other Acts

A Little Bit of Bump n' Grrrind

 Fresh from her US tour, Roxy's brought home a few new tricks and a whole new routine! Taking inspiration from the American burlesque scene this act is a little bit wild!

Music- Eyesight for the Blind by Areosmith

Loch Lomand Pop (NEW)

A balloon pop performed to a not so traditional Scottish Song.

Granny Stardust (New)

An act that proves growing old doesn't necessary mean growing up!

Music- Grow Old With Me by Jason Robert Brown

Horror/Monstesr Act

Roxy is a huge horror enthusiast and scare adviser Roxy runs her own regular horror themed club night! For each Monster-A-GoGo she performs at Roxy creates new horror inspired act! Heres some of the most popular:

Hot Little Mama
Watch things heat up before your eyes when this little she-devil takes to the stage!

Which Witch -You'll be caught in her spell after Roxy finishes this act!

Not Another Bloody Balloon Pop!-A blood filled ballon pop!

The Brides Bump N' Grind-A tribute to the first lady of horror The bride of Frankenstein!!